Sieve type roller machine
Sieve type roller machine
The screen roller is an essential equipment in the mine transport system. It can improve the working efficiency of the ore crusher and reduce the electrical energy consumption and metal wear. The machine has wide adaptability to the mine, especially for the high water mine has the advantage, not easy to plug, with simple structure, stable operation, no vibration, low noise, less dust, output, energy saving and environmental protection characteristics. The screening roller adopts a single motor and single axis rotation to push the material forward along the roll, and the material is quickly dispersed and stratified under the screening characteristics of the dip roll surface (feeding section). Under the action of dead weight and rotating force of the roller, particles less than the gap of the roller fall through the gap between the roller (customized geometric gap according to the material requirements). Particles larger than the gap of the roller continue to move forward on the surface of the roller and fall into the ore crusher, so as to achieve the purpose of ore feeding and screening.
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