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How does the crusher industry maintain the ecological environment

[Abstract] : Strengthen the publicity of the development of circular economy, attach equal importance to development and conservation, give priority to conservation, follow the principles of reduction, reuse and resource recovery, in the exploitation of resources, production and consumption, waste generation, consumption and other links, To gradually and comprehensively establish the resource recycling system of the whole society, it is necessary to save energy, water, land, materials, strengthen the promotion of saving, strengthen the comprehensive utilization of resources and other policies.

Development prospect of non-metallic crusher

[Abstract] : It is understood that the development and utilization of non-metallic minerals in our country began in the 1950s. So far, more than 100 kinds of non-metallic minerals with economic value have been discovered, greatly promoting the rapid development of economy. Because of the discovery of non-metallic minerals, mineral processing has become a major operation, so that the ultra-fine grinding of non-metallic ores has been strengthened, and the requirements for mineral processing and crushing machinery and equipment are becoming higher and higher. Most of non-metallic ore is crushed and classified by crusher and directly used in agriculture, chemical industry, paper making, rubber, coating and other products. There are many kinds of non-metallic minerals according to the non-metallic minerals

Brief analysis of the difference and connection between crusher and fine crusher

[Abstract] : On the one hand, crusher is also divided into coarse and fine broken, from another Angle, can also be divided into jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, compound crusher, roll crusher, etc.. The different working design principles of the machine lead to the crushing degree and force of materials during operation, and the corresponding crushing methods are different.

The matters needing attention in the process of using gyratory crusher

[Abstract] : Gyratory crusher is a large gyratory crushing machine which uses the cyclic movement of crushing cone in the cone cavity of shell to produce extrusion, splitting and bending effect on the material and coarse crushing of ores or rocks of various hardness. The spindle is provided with a broken cone, the upper end of the spindle is supported in the middle of the beam bushing, and the lower end is placed in the eccentric hole of the shaft sleeve.


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